Inteligent Gameplay

SmashET game brain, "Ody" learns how you play and adapts the game dificulty to you skills.

Cool Level Designs

All levels are high quality cartoon style designs featuring the key landmarks.

Rewarding Experience

It is not only a game it is an experience. smashET deliveres hours of fun and calm game with cute charachters.

About The Game

2D arcade featuring Extra-Terrestrial invasion of the Earth and multi-coloured comic style, cute monsters that try to save humanity's key landmarks. Inspired by Breakout and Angry Birds, smashET is a blend of both, delivering hours of fun and entertainmenta with a hundred level designs. Over 500 gameplays are enabled due to the game’s internal AI, which adapts the difficulty level to players skills.


Unique Gamme Plays


Epic Levels


Cool Monsters


available from 28 September 2018